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Generate More Revenue by Taking Credit Card Payments

56%more revenue

33%more tips

nowithholding tax

Passing Credit Card

Get Ready to Maximize Your Revenue With Our Mini POS Devices

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Simple. Secure.
Everywhere You Are.

In today's digital era, not taking credit card payments is like turning away customers at your door. At FreedomFin, we understand that the way you do business is unique. That's why we empower you to take credit card payments directly with a portable mini POS device anytime, anywhere!


Specifically designed for freelancers who've traditionally found it challenging to access conventional banking and credit card services for their hustle.

How it Works?

Experience the ease of taking credit card payments through your mini POS device. Simply enter the amount you want to charge, and your customers can make secure payments in seconds.

1: Sign Up:

Sign up and get started in just a few clicks. Our straightforward registration process will have you ready in no time.


2: Simply


We provide you with a portable mini POS device to charge your customers. The fantastic part about the POS Device is that it's portable, and you don't have to buy it; we will hand over one to you.

3: Get Paid

Your customers can make payments just like any other credit card payment. Transactions are quick and hassle-free, ensuring funds are transferred to you without delay.


Stay ahead of the competition and cater to the modern consumer's needs. Accepting credit cards opens your business to a broader audience. Nearly 83% of consumers prefer using cards for their convenience and rewards. Don't miss out on this substantial revenue!

American Express
China Union Pay


Businesses that accept credit card payments see a dramatic increase in sales. Statistics reveal that consumers spend 56% more when using credit cards than cash when spending more than £100. That’s a significant leap in your potential earnings!

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Ease of Use

No complicated setups or carrying heavy equipment. Our user-friendly app lets you offer credit card payment option directly from your smartphone. It's as simple as any online or POS payment!

Prioritizing Your Privacy

We've designed our platform to ensure that your identity and transactions remain private. When you use our services, your personal details are kept confidential, and your activity on our platform is not shared! Experience the freedom of secure and anonymous transactions, where your privacy is our top priority.

More Revenue, More Tips!

Unlock the potential for higher earnings and more tips. Customers appreciate the ease of card payments, leading to better tips and increased revenue for you!

Accessibility for All

We believe everyone deserves access to secure and straightforward payment solutions. Whether you're a freelancer, a small business owner, or someone who's been underserved by traditional banking systems, our service is tailored for you, as long as what you do is legal.

Built for Outsiders, by Outsiders

Cashless Convenience: Eliminate the hassles of carrying and counting cash. Our platform offers a secure and efficient way to handle transactions, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

No Hidden Fees: We're committed to transparency. NO monthly fees! NO setup fees, EVER!

24/7 Availability:  Your business isn't 9-to-5, and neither are we! Our platform is available whenever you need it! 

Our Customers LOVE the Freedom.

Alexa Young, Yoga Trainer

Despite facing rejections from banks, FreedomFin came to my rescue with incredible ease. They truly comprehend the necessity of a reliable payment system for my side hustle.

Deena Levies, Cleaner

The support team at FreedomFin is always helpful and understanding. They've created a community here where I feel supported and valued.

Anonymous, Stripper

Using FreedomFin has been an incredible experience. It's not just about the payments; it's about being part of a platform that respects and values my profession.

Tom Smithenson, Dog Walker

Switching to FreedomFin was a game-changer for me. The instant, hassle-free payments have not only simplified my life but also significantly boosted my earnings.

The Answers You Seek

Holding a Credit Card
  • Do I Need to Have a Registered Company?
    Not at all! You can accept credit card payments as a sole trader without needing a registered company. However, you must have a business account, and you can open one as a sole trader.
  • How Does FreedomFin Work?
    Just sign up and get started with a few clicks. Then, we will provide you with a portable mini POS device, free of charge. Your customers can make payments just like any other credit card payment. Following a quick and secure transaction process, you'll typically receive your payment within 72 hours!
  • How Quickly Will I Receive Payments?
    Payments are deposited on a three-day rolling basis. For instance, a payment processed on Monday will be credited to your account by Thursday. This brief holding period is a safeguard against chargebacks and fraud.
  • Can I Use a QR Code More Than Once?
    Yes, our QR codes are designed for repeated use, accommodating an unlimited number of transactions.
  • What Cards Are Accepted?
    We accept a broad range of cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and Union Pay. More payment methods are on the horizon!
  • What Safety Standards Do You Have?
    We uphold stringent security with each transaction necessitating two-factor authentication, either via SMS or QR code, for enhanced safety and reliability.
  • Can I Use FreedomFin Anonymously?
    While your sign-up details must be verifiable for security compliance, both you and your clients and stay 100% anonymous while using our services.
  • Where Is FreedomFin Available?
    Currently, we operate across the UK (excluding Northern Ireland). But stay tuned for our expansion to more countries!

Get Ready to Maximize Your Revenue With Our Mini POS Devices

Join the Waitlist!

You are now on the waitlist!

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